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We work for different industries as a logistic partner. We know how to render our services well and to tailor them to every sort of freight.

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We work for manufacturers and distributors of car parts, delivering new vehicles to car dealers throughout the European Union. We use a modern auto transporter and special solutions for the transport of production elements and components.

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Food Service

We organize food and medicine transport in accordance with the HACCP principles, which includescarrying out domestic and international transport of goods at a controlled temperature between -22 ° C and + 20 ° C. We work for producers, suppliers of semi-finished products and commercial networks.

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We provide forwarding services for the rapidly growing consumer goods sector and offer coordination of logistics processes, small parcels and full truck loads delivery both as a long-term solution and a one-time service.

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Raw Materials

We offer forwarding services of renewable raw materials, minerals, waste (category 3.). Standard and stanchion trucks, dump trucks, silos, tanks and refrigerated trucks are used to carry out these services.

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We organize small parcels and full truck loads delivery starting from manufacturers through central warehouses ending up with final distribution points. Given the high variability and changing seasons in the sales industry of sales, we are able to offer transport of products with different truck types, which will transport either just 1 box or even a set of 120 m2 / 24 tonne packages.

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Household appliances, electronic devices and other goods of high value are transported using built-in semi-trailers, which properly protect and isolate loads. We use the 3-meter high mega trailers with approximately 100m³ of loading space. This allows us to transport a bigger amount of goods.

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We work with carriers who have modern Joloda and Paperliner trailers. The Joloda system was invented to transport a roll of paper up to 2.95 m high. Semi-trailers allow us to transport cargo up to 26 tons. Paper Liner semi-trailers are used to transport a paper roll in a horizontal position. They have 16 safety wedges and special transport racks.

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Truck types

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