Impossible does not exist! We will carry out every order.

For the carrier

Cooperation with us is based on transparent rules, honesty and support of each other. We provide you with a perfect amount of both domestic and international orders.

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Trust and respect

Konig Trans Spedition’s activity is based on solid foundations. We cooperate with leading production companies and distributors operating within the European Union. We can handle the right amount of orders, thanks to the long-term relationships with our business clients. We care about our carriers because we obey the principle that we are one team working towards a mutual success.

Timely settlements

We base our cooperation on transparent rules and timely settlements. The carrier is always certain that they will receive the freight on the agreed day.

Attractive offers

We offer attractive rates and a wide range of destinations. We provide services for both large and small production and logistic companies. No matter what vehicle you have, you can work with us!

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