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Our principles

Everything everywhere every time

We are very well aware of the challenges our clients face. High competitiveness, globalization, market development and the business cycles mean that products and resources must be transported efficiently. Cooperation with a flexible freight forwarding company is a guarantee of an efficient logistic process in the constantly changing economic environment.

Our clients have always been sure that they can count on us, especially at critical moments. We are a team that will always tackle the challenge!

Domestic and international freight forwarding

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Modern trucks

The carriers who cooperate with us, drive only new vehicles

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Experienced carriers

Drivers who have experience on international routes are a guarantee of a safe delivery.

An experienced team,
working for market leaders

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Konig Trans Spedition is a company which provides its clients with professional logistic services. Well- experienced forwarders build our team and provide our clients with logistic services of a very high quality.

Passion and motivation to improve helps us to carry out complex services, while providing high-quality, timely and safe transportation of goods.

As a reliable business partner, we are known for maintaining long-term relationships with our partners, being the main freight forwarder, which cooperates with market leaders.


Why is it worth cooperating with us?

24/7 – GPS Tracking

We provide our clients with a delivery tracking solution.

15 years of experience

We are a team of freight forwarders with many years of experience on the international market.

Flexible services

We always support our clients who need high-quality services, carrying out even the most demanding logistic services for them.

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100k kilometres a day

The carriers who cooperate with us travel all around the European Union. Our customers can
always track their delivery thanks to a track delivery system.

Wyceń transport
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Tailored solutions

We cooperate with over 1.000 reliable carriers.We have constant access to every type of vehicle and semi-trailer because of us cooperating with over 1.000 reliable carriers . Our freight forwarders adjust the mean of transport to the specifics of the load, thanks to which you receive high-quality transport services in a short period of time and at an affordable price.

Our trailers are: universal semi-trailers, refrigerator trailers, flatbed trailers, tank trailers, walking floor trailers, sidelifters, dump trucks, logs, inloaders and many others.